Pluckley - home to the Darling Buds of May  

  will take place at  Pluckley Village Hall
Monday 15th February at 7.30pm

Pluckley PC is looking for a new Parish Clerk/Finance Officer. Interested?
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Neighbourhood Watch
If you would like to receive notifications of local incidents there is a Pluckley NHW Facebook page which you can access by clicking here. To join this Facebook group send an email to NHW@pluckley.net. Further information on NHW is available by clicking here.

Pluckley Neighbourhood Plan
The draft of the Neighbourhood Plan for Pluckley will be launched at a Public Meeting on Wednesday 10th February.  This will be held at 8pm in the Village Hall and all residents are invited to attend. This will mark the start of a six week consultation period. Attendees will be shown the policies in the Plan. What they mean for the Parish will be explained and residents will be invited to make comments. All questions and comments will be welcome on the night. Following its launch, copies of the draft Plan will be made available on the website and around the village. Further background on the Neighbourhood Plan is available by clicking here.