Pluckley - home to the Darling Buds of May  
Pluckley Annual Parish Assembly
will take place at the Village Hall on Tuesday 10th May at 7pm
Come along and find out what's been happening in your village and meet representatives of the many clubs and societies.

The Assembly will be followed by a meeting of the Parish Council at 8pm
Please note that in future all Parish Council meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of every month rather than the third Monday.

Pluckley Village Clean-up - Clean for the Queen
We would like to thank all the residents who turned out on April 2nd to clean up the village by picking up litter. The sun was shining throughout the morning and we amassed an impressive number of bags of rubbish to be collected by ABC from the Village Hall, leaving verges around the village looking immaculate for a few hours at least. Many thanks also to Peter Dale for offering his trailer to collect all the bags of rubbish at the end of the morning.

Neighbourhood Plan
Pluckley's Neighbourhood Plan is currently at pre-submission stage and the reactions of certain statutory consultees are awaited. Once these are received and absorbed as appropriate into the Plan, then it will be formally submitted to Ashford Borough Council. You can see the first draft by clicking here. Further information on the Neighbourhood Plan process is available on the Neighbourhood Plan page.

Neighbourhood Watch
If you would like to receive notifications of local incidents there is a Pluckley NHW Facebook page which you can access by clicking here. To join this Facebook group send an email to Further information on NHW is available by clicking here.

New Parish Magazine - Pluckley's Community Chronicle
Pluckley's last Parish Magazine was published in December and it looked for a time as if there would be no successor. The good news is that local resident, Kaye Sowden, has taken up the challenge and produced the first edition of the Pluckley Community Chronicle. It looks great, carries all those useful telephone numbers you might need as well as some really interesting articles of local interest, The first edition costs £1 and can be picked up in local shops. The plan is to produce 10 a year and an annual subscription will cost £10. To subscribe please fill in a form or place a sheet with your details on in an envelope with payment in cash and leave it at Pluckley Butchers. It would be great if enough subscriptions can be secured to ensure the continuation of this publication although cash will be returned if there are not enough subscriptions.

Would you like to dedicate a recreation ground bench in someone's memory?
We are looking to install some new benches on the recreation ground in time for summer so that residents and visitors to the village can relax and enjoy the entertainment whether a game of cricket, some tennis or simply watch the world go by on a sunny afternoon If you would be interested in dedicating a bench in someone's memory or if you are a local company and would consider "sponsoring" a bench, please get in touch with anyone on the Parish Council.

If you’re a visitor to Pluckley, we hope you enjoy discovering more about our village (click here for a street map). You can learn how it came to be the location for ITV’s popular Darling Buds of May… you can hear stories of our famous ghosts… and find out about our local pubs, guesthouses, restaurants and shops.

If you already live in Pluckley, and you want information, try the links along the top of this page. You’ll find all the information about our school and church, as well as the work of the Parish Council.

But perhaps the most important button is Village Life. Click here for all the information you need, from village events, to bus timetables, to neighbourhood watch.

Whether you live here, or whether you’d like to visit, we hope you find this site useful and entertaining. If you have any questions about this site, or would like us to publicise a local event feel free to get in touch.