Pluckley - home to the Darling Buds of May  

will take place at Pluckley Village Hall
on Monday 19th October at 7.30pm

Pluckley Neighbourhood Plan
A key part of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan is the identification of sites for development in the parish. Residents' views on development have been obtained and would-be developers' and landowners' ambitions established. We are currently seeking to match these wishes and will be presenting the proposals for development sites to the village on Wednesday 21st October at 8pm in the Village Hall. The Neighbourhood Plan will form the base on which all development applications in Pluckley up to 2030 will be assessed. All residents are invited to attend this important meeting. A map of the sites closest to the centre of the village can be accessed by clicking here. A second map showing sites close to the station can be viewed by clicking here.

Planning News
Current Pluckley planning applications are now listed at the end of all agenda for parish council meetings. Click here to view the latest list and for instructions on how to access each application on the ABC website.
Forthcoming events in Pluckley
Fri 16th October 7.30pm - Pluckley & Little Chart British Legion Meeting at Little Chart Village Hall
Sat 17th Oct 7.30pm - Pluckley Harvest Supper at Pluckley Village Hall
Sat 21st Nov 7.30pm - Pluckley Gardening Society Quiz at Pluckley Village Hall
Click here for further information

Neighbourhood Watch
If you would like to receive notifications of local incidents, there is a Pluckley NHW Facebook page which you can access by clicking here. To join this Facebook Group send an email to NHW@pluckley.net (or if you don't have a Facebook page but would like to receive regular emails). Further information on NHW in Pluckley is available by clicking here

Oil Purchasing Scheme
A new larger syndicate is now operating in Pluckey. If you use domestic oil and would like to take advantage of the competitive pricing offered by the scheme, please email Keith Anderson

Hundreds of visitors to the Pluckley Quilt & Craft Show held at the Village Hall in September 2014 were inspired by a large selection of beautiful quilts. To view some of the quilts which were on display please click here.

If you’re a visitor to Pluckley, we hope you enjoy discovering more about our village (click here for a street map). You can learn how it came to be the location for ITV’s popular Darling Buds of May… you can hear stories of our famous ghosts… and find out about our local pubs, guesthouses, restaurants and shops.

If you already live in Pluckley, and you want information, try the links along the top of this page. You’ll find all the information about our school and church, as well as the work of the Parish Council.

But perhaps the most important button is Village Life. Click here for all the information you need, from village events, to bus timetables, to neighbourhood watch.

Whether you live here, or whether you’d like to visit, we hope you find this site useful and entertaining. If you have any questions about this site, or about Pluckley, feel free to get in touch.